Fuel Services

RapidPower-Mobile-Diesel-Unit-V5-45Rapid Power is a full service, sales, installation and service generator dealer serving the greater part of South/Central Ontario.

Whether your Generator runs on Gas, Propane, Diesel or Bi-Fuel we have TSSA certified technicians on standby, ready to assist you.

Fuel simply isn’t what it used to be.

Environmental restrictions designed to reduce greenhouse emissions have forced the reduction of stabilizing sulphur. Without the stabilizing sulphur, today’s diesel is substantially more unstable and susceptible to break down. Due to the process of the diesel breaking down, contamination takes place considerably faster.

The most common form of diesel contamination is water from simple condensation. This is an inevitable consequence that is a normal part of the process. As long as your fuel maintenance schedule is in order, this will not effect the successful operation of your generator.

The effects of unmaintained fuel will cause microbial growth, saturated filters, tank corrosion and diluted fuel purity. These factors can render your generator completely inoperable.

At Rapid Power, we will create a custom tailored maintenance schedule to suit your specific needs.

Some of the services we offer include:


Fuel Sampling & Testing:

IMG_1022-3955SS-463x654-50Fuel Testing is often the first step to diagnosing fuel contamination issues and is a vital element of your generator’s maintenance plan. Our TSSA certified technician will collect a sample of your fuel for visual inspection (clear & bright test) and if required, laboratory analysis. This process will determine the extensiveness of the fuel cleaning to follow so that we can ensure your Diesel Fuel meets CSA 282 05/09 standards.

We always provide our clients with a maintenance report including the in-depth lab analysis of any Diesel Fuel test results. This will highlight any issues and detail the solutions we use to correct any problems and maintain high quality fuel to make sure your generator will operate when you need it most.

 Fuel Top off:

RapidPower-Mobile-Diesel-Unit-V5-45Keeping your diesel tank filled is essential to maximizing your generators run time. Additionally, as a result of a full fuel tank, your tank will have minimized water condensation due to the reduced exposed surface area and empty cubic volume within the tank. This will go along way towards maintaining your generator and eliminating the possibility of microbial growth, bacteria and other contaminants.

We can either provide top off services with our mobile diesel tank trailer or supply you with an adequate supply of fuel and appropriate schedule to adhere to manufacture specifications. Speak to a maintenance specialist to ensure a fuel top-off strategy is in place for your generator.

Fuel Polishing & Tank Cleaning


Why does Diesel Fuel Need Polishing?

Diesel Fuel is unstable by nature and has a shelf life limited to 6 – 12 months before deterioration occurs. Water condensation is the most common way the integrity of your diesel fuel becomes compromised.

The presence of water causes bacterial growth causing the formation of micro sediments and bacterial residues. This results in filter blockage, fuel pump wear, injector failure , lack of performance, piston and sleeve wear, overheating due to lack of power, engine damage and eventual engine shut down.

What is Fuel Polishing?

RapidPower-Diesel-Maintenance-Graphics-V2-1-42Fuel Filtration, commonly known as Fuel Polishing is the process of cleaning and removing unwanted contaminants from Diesel Fuel. This is the solution to fuel issues found during testing & analysis. Fuel Polishing is the process where diesel moves through a series of filters to remove contaminants such as water, bacterial and fungal microbes, dirt, sand, rust and metallic particles and sludge.

What we offer:

Fuel-Sampler02-48At Rapid Power, we offer Fuel Polishing services on a needed basis or as part of your customized maintenance schedule. For applications with critical loads, we offer automatic fuel polishing systems that will run completely maintenance free, around the clock, always keeping your fuel quality optimum.

More commonly we send a trained technician to use our fully-mobile, custom-design, filtration system to remove contaminants. Our multiple step filtration system will remove any particulates formed in your fuel, but most importantly moisture, to prevent microbe from continuing to grow. Upon completion of the fuel polishing, clean and dry fuel that passes the “clear & bright test” will be returned to the tank.