Generator Repair

Generator Performance Matters

Concerned about a loud or strange noise that your generator is making? Did your generator refuse to turn on when you lost power? Has it been a long time since someone looked at your generator? The experts at Rapid Power are ready to help you with all of your commercial generator repair needs.

Signs that You Need a Generator Repair

  • Loud or unusual noises when the generator kicks on
  • Problems with the transfer switch
  • Generator does not switch on when the power goes out
  • Generator does not stay on for the time needed when power is out

Commercial Generator Problems Can Be Challenging

If your system is not performing the way that it should, it can mean working hours or even days without the power that you need to keep your business going. We offer cost-effective solutions and lasting solutions that will help you get the most out of your generator.

Do not trust your system to just any repairman. Generators have specific components that make them different from other electrical systems. Having an experienced technician that understands this can mean this difference between a working system and a broken one.

Professional Repair is Important

While you might consider yourself to be a handyman, it is still best to leave generator repair to the experts. There are many different components to a generator that make them different from other systems. Sometimes a warranty states that a generator repairman must service the machine for a warranty to be valid. Having an experience technician repair can save time and money by diagnosing the problem and finding a lasting solution.

At Rapid Power, we have helped hundreds of businesses across the Toronto area just like yours solve their generator problems. We can have your system up and running again in no time.