Generator Inspections

Not sure if your generator is in working condition?

Before the power goes out, it is important that your commercial generator is going to work when you need it. Often businesses do not find out that their generator has an issue until it is too late. Whether it is a bad battery, lines that were not connected properly, faulty transfer switch, or a rusted system, we can help you with a complete commercial generator inspection.

Make certain that your generator complies with regulations

Overtime, rules and compliances change in Ontario. We understand that as a business is can be frustrating trying to keep up with the changing guidelines. Having your generator inspected will make certain that your unit is in working order and fully complies with all of the safety regulations.

We inspect commercial generators for many reasons including:

  • Checking to see if there is a need for fuel polishing
  • Whether or not a used unit is worth buying
  • Should an existing unit be replaced
  • How often the oil needs replacing
  • Too see if it can handle new electrical system
  • Assessment of safety concerns

We know that you need your generator to work from start up to shut down. Our rigorous inspections will provide you with the assurance that your comical generator will work when you need it the most. At Rapid Power, we are confident that we can provide you with the utmost in service, quality, reliability, and satisfaction.