Generator Installation

RapidPower is a Full Service Sales, Installation, Service Generator Dealer Serving The Greater Part of South/Central Ontario. We pride ourselves on excellent service, quality workmanship and fair pricing. We promise an un-paralleled turn-key solution from the moment you call us right through your installation and annual maintenance. For more information on why we are the perfect company for your Automatic Standby Needs – Click Here?

Our Typical Process:

Consultation & On-site Assessment

Telephone Consultation:

  • Provide you the necessary basic information about automatic standby generators.
  • Explain the pro’s and con’s of various brands and installation types.
  • Give you a budgetary estimate based upon your needs and particular situation.
  • Schedule your On-site Assessment.

On-site Assessment:

  • We will send a Master Electrician, Certified Gas Technician or Factory Trained Generator Technician to perform an initial on-site assessment of your property.
  • Perform a load assessment to see your power consumption needs and weigh the pro’s and con’s of the various brands and back-up power solutions.
  • Using Ontario Regulations and years of experience, we will discuss the various placement options for your generator based upon your property and specific situation.
  • Discuss our qualifications, experience and show you some photographs of recent installations.

Proposal & Planning

Our proposal and planning is second to none. Our proposals include detailed diagrams and drawings using satellite imagery to highlight the specific placement of your generator, transfer switch and clearly highlight and digging that may be required. We are a turn-key solution and will handle everything from delivery, installation to pulling permits.


  • You can expect a detailed proposal explaining a complete breakdown of the process, costs, required permits, etc.
  • Drawings of your property and proposed generator location.
  • Upon confirmation, we take a 40% deposit to get the planning stage commenced.


  • We work with the ESA & your local hydro company to handle all of the logistics involved with pulling your permits.
  • We keep ample inventory in stock, but if any additional parts or accessories are required we order them promptly. The generator and accessories and inspected for any manufacturer defects.
  • We confirm installation dates with you and schedule our Electrical & Gas teams accordingly.


Our certified and experienced crew will complete your installation in one day. ESA/Hydro will NOT turn your power back on until the process is complete so our team works quickly so that you will not be inconvenienced for longer then necessary.

Prior to installation date

  • We ship the generator and all parts + accessories 3-7 days prior to the installation date. This ensures that our crew has plenty of time to to make certain that everything is in order for the one day installation process.
  • Site-prep (depending on options) will be conducted in the week prior to installation.

Installation date

  • Our electrical team and gas team will work in unison to ensure a successful installation in one day.
  • If you need to be at home and working during the installation date, we will bring a portable generator and run a power line into your home to provide you with some of your basic essentials throughout the day.
  • We will perform a simulated power outage for you. This demonstration will show you the peace of mind you can come to expect with a back-up generator protecting your house and family.
  • We will clean-up your property as if we were never there.

Maintenance & Service

After your generator is installed we have an option for mobile monitoring. Your commercial generator will be monitored 24/7 for any problems or situations that may arise.

  • Once your installation is complete, we discuss annual maintenance options with you
  • We keep a life-long record on all of our installations and service. No matter what happens to the property, there will be a record of installation and service.